From green pastures to bustling cityscapes, America’s highways connect places, people, and possibilities.

But what about those hidden natural gems just beyond the turnpike? The landscapes and wildlife that are waiting to be discovered?

The National Audubon Society and Toyota invite you to exit the highway and spend time in nature this summer. Discover natural wonders near you, and learn about local conservation projects and heroes! You could win a 2013 Toyota Prius v with your pledge and gain extra entries when you share your photos, stories, and nature destinations with others.

Take the pledge to Exit the Highway and discover natural wonders near you.

Share your photos from your time in nature for even more chances to win.

Recommend nature spots (yep, that gets you chances to win too) and browse other people’s recommendations on the Nature Near You map.

Share your experiences  in nature on our Field Notes blog to document your journey and help inspire others. You guessed it, that gets you a chance to win too.

You will get a chance to win a new Toyota Prius v with your initial pledge and every approved photo, destination, and field note you share. The Toyota Prius v represents a new evolution in hybrid vehicles with excellent cargo space and Prius’ heritage of environmental performance and fuel economy that will make future exit the highway trips memorable.

Exit the Highway is brought to you by Toyota and the National Audubon Society. In 2008, Audubon and Toyota created the Toyota TogetherGreen program to foster diverse environmental leadership and invest in innovative conservation ideas. Now in its sixth year, the initiative is making a difference from coast to coast.

Get involved in Toyota’s philanthropic programs across the United States and learn how the National Audubon Society is conserving and restoring America’s ecosystems. To learn more about the Toyota TogetherGreen program and local heroes making a difference, visit www.togethergreen.org.

Happy exiting!

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