Field Notes

Have you exited the highway this summer?

Team work makes it better

Submitted by Melford OGarro, New York, New York
We went to visit the doctors where our preterm baby girl was born. After which we all took a walk into the neighboring Central Park... read more

Fish Tale

Submitted by Melford OGarro, Bronx, New York
So here we were once again for amother adventure. We were able to capture photo os this great big catch from the largest fresh water lake in... read more

Kenilworth Acquatic Garden

Submitted by Susan Holmes, Washington, District of Columbia
Hard to imagine that this beautiful park is so close to our nation’s Capital. Saw White, Green and great blue herons, turtles, frogs... read more

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Submitted by Janet, Mountain View, California
There are certain locations within the Shoreline Park where the hummingbirds are easier to spot. It’s always a highlight of my walk... read more

Brave Heart

Submitted by Linda Liu
Mother has always been praised since the beginning of civilization but not much words said about Father. Even in the field, we see mommy... read more

Knownothing’s Creek

Submitted by Tina M Bolgrien, Forks of Salmon, California
Up on Knownothing Creek they say you could find gold if that is what you want to seek.  Up on the top of the hill lived an old man of... read more

Exiting the highway to recovery

Submitted by Wendy greenwell, Brentwood, California
In November of 2012 I had hip surgery on a torn hip labrum. I am 36 yrs old and this was a strange injury to get to begin with. This... read more

Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Submitted by Janet, Mountain View, California
Sadly, I’ve been to many places where people think nothing of the consequences of feeding the wildlife. Even though I don’t see... read more

Cell towers turned TV towers

Submitted by Rhonda Rothrock, Murphysboro, Illinois
Exited the highway early this past Sunday to snap some photos of the vultures, mostly Turkey Vultures but with them were a few Black... read more

Dreaming of my Win!

Submitted by Nancy Salinas
I haven’t driven this highway.  But we have driven through 33 US states and we are clean drivers. To top that off, we are nature... read more

Nature Heroes at work

Submitted by Melford OGarro, Bronx, New York
So here we were, my daughter who is a couple months old and I. We were out on one of our visits to nature enjoying the scenery and solitude... read more

Boating at the Park

Submitted by Janet, Mountain View, California
The Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA, offers not only hiking on its many trails but also boating on one of its lakes. In this photo you... read more


Submitted by Elizabeth (Liz) Turner, Irvine, California
When I was a little girl growing up in Colorado my father used to take me hiking at Red Rocks, Century City, and many other sites in the... read more

Share, enjoy, experience…together

Submitted by Melford OGarro, Bronx, New York
Sometimes it requires certain situations in life for us to have a greater appreciation of the simple things that really make life and living... read more

My dream

Submitted by Zach, Los Angeles, California
The clean-air fuel movement is one that I truly believe in and I support. It is my hope that I can one day be the owner of a Toyota Prius. I... read more

Falling for Valley of the Fire

Submitted by Joanne West
In April I discovered a most intriquing State Park just an hour north of Las Vegas Nevada. Aptly named Valley of the Fire as the fascinating... read more

Seward Park

Submitted by Jennifer Kantzer, Seattle, Washington
I exited the highway and rode my bike through Seward Park. It’s an easy flat paved trail 2 1/2 miles around a penninsula and I saw... read more

My Dad

Submitted by Tina M Bolgrien , Trinidad, California
My dad passed away before I was 22. Almost 30 yrs later my brother and was given his ashes to spread over the ocean with my brother Craig... read more

my prius experience

Submitted by alix, Saint Paul, Minnesota
I got picked up by my dad in his rented 2013 prius that was red and it was so cool. it didn’t make any sound at all! It got us to our... read more

Hundreds of Muskrat Huts

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and took a hike.  While hiking I discovered a very large water filled bog area that contained hundreds of muskrat... read more

Tingler Prairie

Submitted by Joe Davis, West Plains, Missouri
Tingler Prairie supports cherty upland prairie but also small areas of prairie wetlands in the swales and along headwater creek drainages.... read more

Tingler Prairie

Submitted by Joe Davis, West Plains, Missouri
Tingler Prairie supports cherty upland prairie but also small areas of prairie wetlands in the swales and along headwater creek drainages.... read more

Walking safari in Tanzania

Submitted by Delta Willis, New York, New York
A Toyota Land Cruiser was my safari car in Africa, but there was nothing like a walking safari off the beaten path. You can’t get much... read more


Submitted by Don Cerio, Yasuní, Orellana
This story is from three field seasons ago, before I worked for Ohio University: In order to reach the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in... read more

Wedding in a blizzard

Submitted by virginia Holst
In February I attended a wedding in northern MN while a blizzard advanced on us as the bride in her gown and the groom who lost his ring... read more

Rattle Snakes

Submitted by kent morrison
i exited the highway and went for a hike.  I spotted a rattle snake sunning itself on a rock.  What an awesome sight to see !!!! read more

Midwestern Crops

Submitted by Janet, New Buffalo, Michigan
I vacationed in the Midwest this month and while I was there, I exited the highway and took in the sight of a cornfield that stretched for... read more

Flowers Equal Enjoyment

Submitted by BEC, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Flower gardening offers so many pluses.  For a small investment, especially if you use seeds instead of purchased plants, you can... read more

The Trash is a Last Resort!

Submitted by BEC, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
If you try to think of a ‘second life’ for everything, you almost never need to truly throw anything away.  Most everything... read more

Appreciating a Natural Backyard

Submitted by B. Cianfarini, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
We are one of the few families in our neighborhood who left the back 1/3 of our yard “natural.”  Its woods.  We also... read more


Submitted by B Cianfarini, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
We have hardly any trash to put out for pickup anymore because we recycle nearly everything and COMPOST most of our ‘garbage’... read more

Unaweep Scenic Byway

Submitted by Robert Wilson, WHITEWATER, Colorado
This canyon has two creeks that divides in the middle because of an uplift. Most canyons only have one stream because the high point is in... read more

Near the Badlands

Submitted by Lisa McWilliams, Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Every summer I go an visit my friends who live off the highway in South Dakota. This is a sunset on one of those roads. read more

11 Hour Hike with my dad

Submitted by Alina
After Hiking up, my dad and I were ready to sit down and take a nice break. We ended up laying on some rocks and taking a good old fashion... read more

Healthy Food For All

Submitted by Erin, Wimberley, Texas
I take the beautiful back roads of the Texas hill country daily to deliver healthy, organic, NON- GMO food that I grow to businesses and... read more

BASE Jumping With 102 Year Old!

Submitted by Shaun McLaughlin, Twin Falls, Idaho I was happy to help & jump with the tandem jump Dorothy Custer did with Sean Chuma on... read more

Hitch In My Tow

Submitted by Donald Shaun McLaughlin, Snowville, Utah
Leaving Twin Falls, ID, I was near Snowville, UT, when my dog, Base, started pawing my shoulder from behind. I pulled off in the Juniper... read more

Visit You Daughter

Submitted by Donald Shaun McLaughlin, Ione, Washington
I am single man with 11 year old daughter. We are Deaf. I went to see her this summer. We camped. I have 1989 4Runner. I am outdoor person.... read more

B.A.S.E. Delivery

Submitted by Donald Shaun McLaughlin, Twin Falls, Idaho
This summer, I assisted in the tandem B.A.S.E. jump of Sean Chuma & 102 year old Dorothy Custer. I am Deaf. I start jumping in 2001.... read more

Giant Spider

Submitted by Kent morrison
I exited the highway, and went for a hike in the woods.  On my hike I discovered a spider web that was spun between two trees. In the... read more

Family Camping at Laird Park

Submitted by Crystal Davidson, Harvard, Idaho
We had an amazing camping trip this year with three families joining us. The weekend started with rain, more rain, and is that a... read more

The Fountain Bluff Effect

Submitted by Rhonda Rothrock, Gorham, Illinois
This past weekend my hubby and I took his visiting brother on a short scenic trek near our southernmost Illinois “neck of the... read more

road trip

Submitted by Gayle Thomson
Took our 8 and 11 year old on an 1800 mile round trip adventrue in the car.  No electronics other than their digital cameras in... read more

Hummingbird Nest

Submitted by kent
I exited the highway, and took a hike.  On my hike I spotted a hummingbird nest on a tree branch. The nest was very small and would... read more

The Cross

Submitted by Deborah Flowers, Groom, Texas
Reportedly the largest cross in the Southern United States. read more


Submitted by Deborah Flowers, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
The London bridge in Lake Havasau City Arizona is usually decked out in the splendor of both the American and British flags. On this hot... read more

Kern River Parkway

Submitted by Deborah Flowers, Bakersfield, California
Afternoon sunlight glinting on reeds at the waters edge. The Kern River read more

The Mountain

Submitted by Deborah Flowers, Flagstaff, Arizona
Purple skies at Flagstaff, Arizona read more

The Ponderosa Pine Forest

Submitted by Deborah Flowers, Flagstaff, Arizona
This beautiful trail is located at Little America, Flagstaff, Arizona. The Ponderosa Pine Forest was besieged by fire in 2010, eventually... read more

Cabin in the Woods

Submitted by Cheryl Burgess, Vernon, Connecticut
I exited the highway, and took off on a path into the woods. I followed a small clear stream as it wound it’s way through the trees.... read more

3 National Parks in 3 Days!

Submitted by Gayle Thomson
We hopped in the car from Oregon and headed South!  During our week long car trip starting in San Jose to visit family we managed to... read more

Thousands Of Wildflowers

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and went for a hike through the woods.  I was hiking through the woods and came across an open area.  In... read more

Early morning beach walk

Submitted by marianne cline, Coronado, California
I got up especially early the other weekend.  I noticed that the tide was fairly low and decided to take a walk along the... read more

Violet the Headliner Potbellied Pig

Submitted by Mary Westphal, Las Vegas, Nevada
Recently I visited a local farm/ranch that’s also an animal sanctuary. Every sort of animal is welcomed there, and are guaranteed to... read more

Osprey Nest

Submitted by Maggie Van Zandt, Winter Haven, Florida
We were leaving LEGOLAND Florida and walking to our car in the parking lot on 7-16-13.  I looked up and discovered an Osprey pair on... read more

Too Windy For Sea Gulls To Fly

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and took a hike on a very windy day.  I came upon a secluded lake, and spotted at least a thousand sea gulls... read more

Venturing into the Heart of Nature

Submitted by Ratna Khatri, Statesville, North Carolina
Exiting the highway and visiting Statesville, North Carolina was one of the most refreshing and the best experiences to have. Seeing Nature... read more

Little Temple in the Big Desert

Submitted by Mary Westphal, Cactus Springs, Nevada
Taking detours and exiting highways in Nevada can take you to some extremely remote and unusual places, considering that we’re right... read more

Diving Ducks

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway,and went kayaking. On my kayaking trip I observed a flock of ducks that dove completely under water when they were... read more

My New Best (Technicolor) Friend

Submitted by Mary Westphal, Las Vegas, Nevada
Visited Floyd Lamb State Park where there are hundreds of peacocks in resident, roaming freely throughout the grounds. I brought some... read more

Big Sur Jade!

Submitted by Amy Baker, Big Sur, California
Went down PCH 1 to Big Sur….amazing camping and we even found some jade at Willow Creek beach! read more


Submitted by CINDY CARLSON, Camas, Washington
fav fishing hole read more

Flock Of Cormorants

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and went on a canoe trip.  As I was canoeing, I spotted a flock of about 300 cormorants, swimming in a small... read more

Chestnut Ridge, Latrobe,PA

Submitted by Joyce Lynn Helmetzi
I travel out a major highway route to work each day. Although I drive into the sun each a.m., I get a fabulous view of the Chestnut Ridge.... read more

City Skyline

Submitted by Janet, New Buffalo, Michigan
I was sitting in a harbor on Lake Michigan when I noticed something on the horizon. I pulled out my camera so I could better see things with... read more

Golden Sunset

Submitted by Janet, New Buffalo, Michigan
I was driving along Red Arrow Highway in Southwestern Michigan when I noticed the sun was getting read to set. I made a beeline for the... read more

Blizzard Meets the New Kid in Town

Submitted by Mary Westphal, Las Vegas, Nevada
Blizzard is the beautiful girl on the left of the photo. She lives on a ranch in Red Spring in Assisi Canyon, and the pastures she grazes in... read more

Egret Fishing In A Field

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and went for a hike.  On my hike I observed a white egret standing in a plowed field eating.  It was quite... read more

Unexpected Treasures In the Sand

Submitted by Janet, New Buffalo, Michigan
During this summer’s Midwest vacation, I loved walking along the Lake Michigan shoreline as I discovered unexpected treasures in the... read more

Undercover Assignment: In the Bush

Submitted by Mary Westphal, Las Vegas, Nevada
The name is Goose. James Goose. As an undercover operative, it’s my job to maintain security at the pond, identify the infidels and... read more

Blue Heron

Submitted by kent morrison
I exited the highway, and went canoeing down a small stream.  I spotted a blue heron standing in the stream, eating fish as they passed... read more

Storm precedes the rain

Submitted by Mary Westphal
While hiking through the canyons, I noticed the clouds were darkening quickly, an ominous sign for the high desert. In between long... read more

Our visit to Quetil Trail

Submitted by Rhonda Rothrock, Alto Pass, Illinois
We’ve passed this trail on may trips thru Alto Pass, Illinois and finally found time to stop to check it out this past weekend. ... read more

After the Rain

Submitted by Mary Westphal
Summers in the Mojave Desert mean long stretches of brutal heat. A brief rainstorm broke that heat - if only for a twenty minute downpour.... read more

What’s mud? And can we eat it?

Submitted by Mary Westphal
Life in the Mojave Desert means brutal weather conditions that can seem to stretch on endlessly without a drop of moisture. Since they were... read more


Submitted by Lorenzo Cassina, Davie, Florida
This is a Gopher Tortoise found in the southern United States. They dig their burrows in dry habitats providing shelter to hundreds of other... read more