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The Exit the Highway sweepstakes is closed for 2013. However, you can still explore the gallery of photos, stories, and locations to find year-round inspiration to drive the scenic route and spend time in nature.

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Check out where you can Exit the Highway this summer. Plan a fun getaway to spots submitted by other nature enthusiasts like you.

About Us

Exit the Highway is brought to you by Toyota and the National Audubon Society. In 2008, Audubon and Toyota created the Toyota TogetherGreen program to foster diverse environmental leadership and invest in innovative conservation ideas. Now in its sixth year, the initiative is making a difference from coast to coast.

You can find Toyota TogetherGreen-supported projects on the Nature Near You map, so start exploring!

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Field Notes

Team work makes it better

Submitted by Melford OGarro, New York, New York
We went to visit the doctors where our preterm baby girl was born. After which we all took a walk into the neighboring Central Park... read more

Fish Tale

Submitted by Melford OGarro, Bronx, New York
So here we were once again for amother adventure. We were able to capture photo os this great big catch from the largest fresh water lake in... read more

Kenilworth Acquatic Garden

Submitted by Susan Holmes, Washington, District of Columbia
Hard to imagine that this beautiful park is so close to our nation’s Capital. Saw White, Green and great blue herons, turtles, frogs... read more

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Submitted by Janet, Mountain View, California
There are certain locations within the Shoreline Park where the hummingbirds are easier to spot. It’s always a highlight of my walk... read more